Welcome to South African Martial Arts. This Project is a hub created to generate awareness and exposure for the diverse amount of martial arts in South Africa. Here you can find Schools, Instructors, Associations and their contact details. Here you will find pictures and downloadables in the Media Section. Information on the different styles is available in the Info section.

Should you be looking for a School, Style or Association, please first choose the Province page. Should you have media you wish to contribute or wish to be displayed on the South African Martial Arts Site then please use the contact page.

As a group we have decided to make some strict rules for this website and thus we want you the South African to have a great Martial Arts site.

Pre-Amble: This website must create awareness of the Martial Arts community and its schools with the essence on quality information and growth of the schools of all styles, without allowing money to become the deciding factor as is most of the time in marketing projects.

1 We will list all the events, of all the schools and their styles, so that everyone may start supporting each others events and thus help all the schools to grow.
2 We will list schools, alphabetically, in your area and create a page for each thus having equal opportunity to present themselves. Should any school have more info and/or another website then that website will be linkable from the school's main page.
3 We will have a media section, for pics and photographs etc., so you may see what the different styles are about, the schools will contribute to this section.
4 We will have an information section so you may learn what the different styles are about.
5 We will only update the Events, Media and Information for those schools contributing to the site.
6 We will not allow pop up advertising or any other slow devious method of advertising on our site, as we want the visitor to have the best experience.
7 We will always ensure that the schools have an e-mail address available so that anyone using this site may contact any of the schools at any time. We will always post other contact details in the particular School's section so that anyone may read about the school and then contact them for information.
8 We, the schools, will all contribute a small amount, so that we decide what is on the site not some huge sponsor deciding what is on our site. We will also ensure the contributions are VERY VERY low so that all keen schools can be a part of this project. This amount is R50 per month, not a penny more and no hidden costs, no setup fees no e-mail forwarding costs only the small monthly amount. We will all contribute the same amount and not allow any school to contribute more so that it may get more marketing than the other schools. We want all schools to have an equal base to present themselves.
9 We, the schools, reserve the right to not admit or end association with a particular school if the majority, after a vote, decide that the particular school is representing the Martial Arts Community in a negative way, as we want to build the awareness and make the schools grow and thus will not allow discrimination or evil-minded attitudes, as we all know martial arts develop the body, mind and spirit, and anyone going against this has no place with us.
10 The purpose of this site is to make the schools get exposure and recognition and thus help them grow, we must not lose focus of this.
11 Each school will be given a Gallery Section, a Information Section, a School Page with a link to their main website if wanted and an e-mail address ending in @samartialarts.co.za.

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Samartialarts.co.za cannot endorse or prove that what the schools/ suppliers promise will be delivered. Should you find the quality below the standard you were led to believe you would get, please take it up with the relevant school principal, however should you believe False Advertising is taking place please use the contact page and send details of such to the relevant person, who will without promise or guarantee, attempt to contact the principal of the school and request that such false advertising be corrected. Due to the complex nature of martial arts, Samartialarts.co.za will under no circumstances be responsible for damage to body, mind, spirit or property when practising such arts and exercises. It is also the student's responsibility to see a Doctor of Medicine before commencing any form of exercise.

Download Small PDF (32k) on how to join as a school or instructor

www.samartialarts.co.za cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions on this website. It is the viewer's responsibility to contact the relevant people hosting the classes, courses, competitions or other event/s in order to attain clear and correct information about such. E & O E.